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What it feels like to try Zip Lining in Tagaytay, Philippines

While I’m in Manila, Philippines for a holiday me and my local friends decide to go to Tagaytay. Tagaytay is a small city only 2 hours – 2.5 hours drive by car or public transportation from Manila, which famous for The Taal Volcano. However, I’m not here to tell you all the beautiful thing of Tagaytay yet about my experience try Zip Lining for the first time. I love to try new things. Especially activities or sport that makes your heart, head, mind, and mouth go Wa Wha Whaaatttttttttt.

How far the Zip Lining would take
Length of the Zip Lining

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Happy Diwali!

In 2013, I got the chance of traveling to New Delhi-India for working purpose. Coincidentally I went there when it’s the time to celebrate Diwali. Diwali also known as the Festival Of Lights is an ancient Hindu festival in India where people celebrated every year. According to Hindu Mythology, Diwali is a festival to celebrate Lord Rama/God Rama upon returning to his kingdom after fought the evil for 14 years. The preparation and festival typically extend over 5 days period. This year (2013), depending on the moon Diwali start on 3rd November and continue until 7th November. I’m very lucky to experience the hype of Diwali Festival and celebrate it with my colleague family. Experiencing festival is always the best with locals!

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What It Feels Like To Be An Exchange Student

Sometimes between August 2007 – August 2008

From August 2007 to 2008 I’m very lucky to participate in an exchange program from Nacel Open Door to Omaha, Nebraska – US. Spending 1 month for holiday abroad is easy but spending 10 months away from your family and friends to spend your senior year in high school is exhilarating yet scary. There’s so many experience you would gain and like to share. Yet, the person who would understand you the most is your fellow exchange student friend. This might look like I’m being a smug; believe me I’m not :). Sometimes there are moments in your exchange program that cannot explain merely by stories. You have to experience it yourself then you would get the Aha moment.

Below just some Aha moment you know you’ve been an exchange student.

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Hiking di Dragon’s Back Trail, Hongkong

Sometimes in October 2013

(Written in Bahasa Indonesia)

Bagi para pecinta hiking pasti pernah dengar dengan Dragon’s back trail. Terletak di Southern District, Hongkong. Perjalanan ini akan memperlihatkan Anda pemandangan yang menakjubkan dari Shek O, Tai Long Wan, Pulau Tung Lung, dan Laut Cina Selatan.

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Just Back: First experience of hiking in Papandayan Mountain, Indonesia

Sometimes in March 2013


The desire to see a sunrise on top of a mountain never crossed my mind before. My friend, a mountain lover, persuaded me to come with him and his group to hike the Papandayan Mountain. Papandayan Mountain is located in Garut, West Java, a 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. As I’ve never conquered it, I just tagged along and paid the equivalent of $24 for the whole trip.

This trip is the kind of trip everybody called a backpacking trip. The group consisted of 20 peoples from various backgrounds and I would be the youngest in the group. We all met at the Rambutan local bus station at 10pm on a Friday. After that, at 12 midnights we got into the public bus to Garut. The bus ride took about 4.5 hours time. By Saturday morning we arrived at Tarogong the pit stop and continued our journey using a pick up truck to the mountainside.

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Sensasi Bungy Jumping Pertama Kali

Ini adalah perjalanan pertama saya ke Phuket, Thailand. Mendapat tiket murah Air Asia dan Nav, teman yang sama – sama gila jalan – jalan kita memutuskan langsung beli dan pergi pada bulan Mei 2012. Pada hari pertama, kami baru bangun pukul 11 siang. Ini memang liburan yang tidak ada plan sama sekali. Jadi, saat bangun kita bingung mau ngapain dan memutuskan untuk bertanya di resepsionis hotel tempat kami menginap apa yang bisa kami lakukan hari itu. Pihak resepsionis memberikan kami alternatif seperti pergi ke Phi Phi Island, jalan ke Old Town Market, atau merekomendasikan agar kita berkeliling pulau Phuket menggunakan motor. Tiba – tiba saya mendapat ide gila untuk bungee jumping. Seru, gila, menarik, dan belum pernah saya melakukan itu. Continue reading Sensasi Bungy Jumping Pertama Kali