[How do you define Happiness?] Thoughts on Happiness from Indonesia

Original thoughts for Happiness can be found on my previous article: How do you define Happiness? This is an ongoing project about Happiness. There will be no specific time deadline (new input is greatly appreciated).

The goal is to get thoughts / input from at least 1 person from each country in the world. Current # countries in the world are 196.

Below is a Word Clouds by Wordle, made from all Happiness toughts from contributor in Indonesia

Toughts on Happiness in Indonesia
Toughts on Happiness in Indonesia

Happiness is a state of contentment where I feel grateful with what I have now. – Andari Reksi

Happiness is when you give something without hoping for anything in return. – Alexandra Patricia

Happiness is not to worry. Neither the past, present, nor future. Letting go of the past and knowing that whatever is done, is done. All the goods and the bad lead all the way to ‘now’. Calmly going through the present, without any worries nor doubts. All is well. All shall be well. And believing in the future, because what may come, will come. There is no happy ending, there is only happy journey. All the hardships, both from one’s self and others, add to the spice of life. Adding to those minuscule yet joyous moments of bliss. – Indra Prasasto

Happiness happens when we make complicated things simple and lower our expectation. – Vindhya, Ibu Penyu

Happiness is seeing my parents smile. – Fay Faza

Being able to appreciate what I have and not wanting or needing more. – Sigit Adinugroho, Serendipified

Happiness is surrounded by my family, having a real good quality time with them, being loved and cared by my own family, sharing our private silly jokes, and of course as for me the best time to have it all in one time is when we had our dinner together at our favorite restaurant. Secondly, happiness is simply when I meet my close friends, eat in a real good restaurant, share some jokes, share my problems, hear their problems, trying to give advice or solution for each of our problems. – Maria Stacia

Happiness is when you are close with God, admire your life, and feel blessed because of what u have even it is the smallest thing.Citra Natasya

Hebahagiaan itu bisa menjadi manfaat buat orang lain, seperti manggung musik dan bisa menghibur orang yang nonton. Untuk saat ini, bahagia itu kalau punya anak. – Viza Mahasa

To be happy is to be freed from any desires, so my heart can sing its contented song. when desire disappears, happiness appears. – Fajri Faris

When you can focus all your energy and thoughts into present time. Not the past, not the future. – Felicia Tanzil

Happiness in life, means if I can make others happy – Arif Rahman, Backpack Story

Happiness is a state of mind. Hence, happiness is a matter of decision, whether you want to be happy or not, and its all in your mind. Even in your worst condition, u still have the chance to be happy. By either be grateful or simply try to see a positive side in every situation. – M. Reza

Happiness is a feeling when you travel and see a new world and meet new friends and eat a great good. All while traveling. Joshua Kevin

Happiness is happiness. I can’t define the happiness. It’s in our minds! – Trinity Traveler, The Naked Traveler

Happiness can only be felt when you are alive. For me life its about achievement and contribution. Therefore, I created for the happiness of others and myself. Felicia Navarone

Happiness is illusive. Trying to define Happiness itself and mixing it up with other feelings. Happiness is a state of constant positive and resource fullness. It stands in the middle of Joy and Pleasure – Indra Hajar

Happiness is surrounded by people who love you and make them happy. – Tia Angelina

Happiness is a state of emotion where I do not need to find other things. Where I’m at the top of a mountain and I know I feel content and everything fit perfectly to my order. Hence, I don’t need to find anything Roy Simangunsong, CEO PT Linktone Indonesia 

Happiness does not connect with big or small scales. On that exact moment I always have a reason to feel gratitude, warm, and everything is right. – Didit

Happiness is when we choose to have an attitude of gratitude – Pramudita Bybee, Buzz Of the Bees

Happiness is enjoying my closet reading session while listening to a certain kind of music loudly in my bathroom – Iman Setiadi

The ability to see things in an optimistic perception. When we can still be at peace with ourselves at the times of hardship and despite all shortcomings, that is the true happiness. It comes from within, so it’s not affected by external factors and is independent of anyone except ourselves. – Ellyna Tjohnardi, Culinary Bonanza

Happiness is A,B,C & U.
Happiness is to Accept your self completely because you know you’re valuable and unique.
Happiness is Blessing.
You realized that you’re surrounded by good people who cares about you and you make them happy.
Happiness is a Choice.
No one can control your happiness unless your self, including your beloved one, you can’t rely on them.
So, HAPPINESS is Us. No matter what, you have full responsible for your own happiness – Leonardo Slatter, Food Steps Journal

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